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Get involved - Register / Claim your tourist destination and hold your tourism awards

Destination Awards leaderAll tourism associations, CTOs, business membership groups and regional bodies can register their organisation with us. And there are huge benefits to do this.

  • Registration is free.
  • Use this platform to run your own tourism awards for your membership base
  • We are offering a marketing package worth R45000to the destination that performs best.
  • A simple way to get more exposure for your destination
  • Note: only some of the destinations have been claimed so far. Its only the claimed destinations that are awarded prizes

How it works

  • Claiming your listing is free of charge and free of any commission
  • The only condition is that your organisation has a connection to tourism and lifestyle in Southern Africa.
  • Once listed we will send you an email with instructions on how to get your members involved. Its simple really. You send them a link to join and their business are listed. As each of these businesses collect entry votes these are tallied together. The most popular destination with the most votes will win the destination award worth R45000

The destination awards

  • The top 3 destinations will win a SA Commuter digital accolade.
  • The post popular destination will win a tourism marketing package worth R45000 which includes:
  1. Access to market to 15000 trade partners.
  2. Bulk email shot promoting your destination to 100000 consumers
  3. The creation of an App for your destination which includes a directory listing, your own radio channel, 5min destination promotion ad included in the SA Commuter digital TV streaming platform, push notifications, destination loyalty program and more
  4. An automated email series promoting your destination will also be included

These services are also available should you not win the destination awards at a price of R45000.

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