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An online radio that caters for the young and old. Playing all genres on one platform. Promoting young and upcoming artists by playing their mixes every Saturday and Sunday. Giving our audience uninterrupted music and working with other stations around the world to bring music and great content back home…

We are always on the lookout for travel and lifestyle collaboration opportunities. Please get in touch if you think we could be a good match!

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By the way, you get an automatic entry into the great South African adventure holiday, worth R150 000 just for voting


Number of votes so far: 32

Florah Baloyi – 18.08.2022
Best Dj

Spark Menace – 14.08.2022
Holla back!

Pabalelo Pertunia – 28.07.2022
My best soul Dj Annah Mahlangu

Kabelo Mabe – 28.07.2022
I vote for Annah Mahlangu. There’s very little people in my life who are guardians whom don’t pay attention as much as she does to my craft, none of my family members even share my work like she does, motivate me like she does. The way to high levels needs people like her in the support system for upcoming artists…

Rose Sonto Chirwa – 27.07.2022
Anna Mahlangu is such a humble soul, dedicated and committed in what she is doing. I love her choice of music, my vote goes to her.

Gustah Mhlanga – 27.07.2022
I’m voting for a rocking star Anna Mahlangu❤️💖💓

Kagiso Hlongwane – 27.07.2022
There’s my vote

Elizabeth Makgwatlha – 27.07.2022
I’m voting for Annah ma

Zacharia Manala – 27.07.2022
I love to travel and I would be happy to be part of your program and following my dreams

Thabang Mbokazi – 27.07.2022

Puleng Cara – 27.07.2022

Sydwell Jubisa – 27.07.2022
She is tge best

Jimmy Kaveri – 27.07.2022
Madam Zee 🙌🏾🔥❤️

Gillian Baloyi – 27.07.2022
I go with madam here💃💃❤️

Keabetswe Baloyi – 27.07.2022
Anna Mahlangu is a whole vibe!🤩🥳

Lilian Mapanzela – 27.07.2022
I love their Gospel session

Noluthando Mphisi – 27.07.2022
I vote for Annah Mahlangu❤️

Rethabile Maepe – 27.07.2022
The best!!

Fofo Baloyi – 27.07.2022
Best DJ

Leratoto Beats – 27.07.2022
Best host ever!

Bonolo Knoks Madumo – 27.07.2022

Zelda Mhlari – 27.07.2022
I love the music they play on this station. I can never miss anything because I listen to my favourite gospel music every morning.