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Word of Mouth with Lindi

The place to go if you want to know about the world of business and the business of the world.

We are always on the lookout for travel and lifestyle collaboration opportunities. Please get in touch if you think we could be a good match!

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Number of votes so far: 56

Tankiso Komane – 01.08.2022
A very talented, passionate presenter with a good rapport with her subjects / interviewees.

Lindani Gumede Gumede – 30.07.2022
All the best Lindi ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Maboee Nthejane – 30.07.2022
All the best Lindi

Bridgette Matjuda – 29.07.2022
Lindi Tshabangu is simply The BEST in the business! Her work is impeccable and immaculate. An absolute work of art! A masterpiece!

Connie Du Toit – 29.07.2022
Go for it Lindi๐Ÿ˜˜

Simone Lipshitz – 29.07.2022
Lindi is amazing, she is passionate about everything she does, and gives 100% effort. She deserves only success.

Swartz Jessica – 29.07.2022
Lindi is a gem!

Cajethan John – 29.07.2022
She is so caring and wonderful. She is very concerned about people’s growth in every aspect of life

Busi Maseko – 29.07.2022
You go girl

Zenoyise John – 29.07.2022
I vote for Lindi Shabangu

Brenwin Naidu – 28.07.2022
Go Lindi!

Sheila Pires – 28.07.2022
Lindi is awesome

Lebo Mokhethi – 28.07.2022
Her intellect is amazing

Monica Smith – 28.07.2022
Go girl

Puisano Phatoli – 28.07.2022
A passionate presenter and PR guru whose aim is to see businesses especially SMMEs grow, succeed and prosper. Love Lindi’s passion and commitment in what she does hence I’m voting for her.

Moira Tuck – 28.07.2022
Lindi is an exceptional interviewer because she cares not only about the topic but the people she brings on to her show. So, she elicits truly transformative information. And she provides the emotional space for her guests to shine in a way that inspires us all to contribute to society.

Sabata Moletsane – 28.07.2022
Wonderful Radio presenter with very good quality people skill and in many more

Erika Harvey – 28.07.2022
Lindi knows her business and is tge best in the business.

Jen Crocker – 28.07.2022
A wonderful journalist who I worked with on a big project, and she really came through, and also shared advice and contacts.

Norma Lipshitz – 28.07.2022
Brilliant PR guru; outstanding radio presenter and all round incredible human being.

Suzie Bowling – 28.07.2022
Lindi is next level brilliant

Tania Saunders – 28.07.2022
You are so knowledgeable.

Makhado Kgabo – 28.07.2022
I am voting for a great presenter wirh great content,great personality and a prpfessionL. Don’t Call me to sell anything

Jasmin Swartz – 28.07.2022
I recommend Lindi for the award, she has such a bubbly and lovely personality.

Isaac Mabaso – 28.07.2022
She’s a very good to work with, very energetic, enthusiastic and very passionate about what she does.

Martin Zhuwa – 28.07.2022
Lindi is a super professional.

Dino Rathnasabapathy – 28.07.2022
Lindi’s personality is infectious!

Kalnisha Singh – 28.07.2022
My favourite radio presenter of all time!

Preetesh Sewraj – 28.07.2022
Lindi is amazing!!!

Joyce Nhlapo – 28.07.2022
She’s very passionate about what she does. She’s bubbly ND she’s a people’s person. I recommend her for this award. She even helps people where she can she has a lovely heart

Gaishrie Sharon Singh – 28.07.2022
Lindi is passionate about her work and will be a well deserving recipient of this award.

Matilda Dube – 28.07.2022
I recommend Lindi for the award. She is very passionate about what she does.

Charlene Heyburgh – 28.07.2022
Lovely person and Presenter. A real diamond in the rough! Love her energy!

Ingrid von Stein – 28.07.2022
Love love your energy and passion for entrepreneurship

Geniene Preston – 26.07.2022
She is such a lovely presenter and I follow her all the time.

Andrew Attwood – 26.07.2022
one of the worlds greatest travel treasures