Enter the SA Commuter Media Awards


We have created a 2022 SA Commuter Media Award, to recognize the effort that you, as a blogger,  influencer,  journalist (whether print, online, tv or radio) contribute to South African tourism, travel and lifestyle.

  • Listing is free of charge.
  • If listing for a publication or tourism broadcast that you do not own, you will need the permission from the owner/s.
  • Share the link with your fellow media and watch your following grow. 
  • Watch your votes grow as you share the link and not only do they share in your joy but also in voting for the competition prize of R150,000!  
  • The only condition is that your publication or link has a connection to lifestyle or tourism in South Africa.
  • Once listed you will have your own space to tell your story or share your tourism experience.
  • The top 3 entries will receive a digital accolade. The winning entry will additionally receive an ambassadorship for OLFI SA which comes with an action  camera  with accessories valued at R5000.