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Antbear Eco Lodge

Located in KwaZulu Natal


Tel: 0764412362

Sustainable accommodation in the Drakensberg offering accommodation in a luxury cave

Antbear Lodge is situated in the Drakensberg region of KwaZulu Natal near to Giants Castle. What makes our lodge particularly special is that we offer accommodation in a luxury cave.

This is an accommodation unit built under a rock. Glass doors open onto a wooden deck with hammock chairs and a spectacular view of the Drakensberg Mountains. This is a luxury eco experience. The cave is cozy and comfortable with features like a Jacuzzi spa bath and a fireplace and even has rock art on its walls. We also offer a private dining experience where we setup a table on the deck of your cave and you dine by candlelight under the stars.

Antbear Lodge is one of those smaller owner run establishments with 15 accommodation units as either Mountain View suites or Garden view suites.

Sustainability and responsible tourism are a huge part of the ethos of our lodge and we subscribe as much as possible to the farm to plate concept. We cook all our meals from scratch and have our own organic vegetable garden. We have our own chickens for eggs, cows for milk and bake our own bread and we even make our own cheese.

Antbear Lodge also offers horse trails ideally suited to beginners. Hot air balloon flights that launch from the lawn in front of the lodge and our newest attraction is our star gazing hammock camp where we tell the Zulu stories of the stars.

The area offers a lot with spectacular hiking trails with dramatic views and waterfalls. And then there is the spectacular bushman rock art where you can see some of the best examples in the world.

Our giveaway to helping to promote South Africa as a tourist destination

You can win:
2 nights at Antbear Eco Lodge for 2 persons including dinner and breakfast in a Mountain View Suite

Additionally you are automatically entered into the competition to win the great South Africa adventure holiday worth more than R150 000.

Value of Antbear Eco Lodge prize
( Antbear Eco Lodge )
Closing date of competition:

18:00 on 30.10.2022

Subject to availability and not valid for redemption over peak periods like long weekends.

We have been able to offer this giveaway through a collaboration with our wide network of travel and tourism partners. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored this incredible adventure holiday giveaway for 2 persons valued at over R150 000!! But there is even more. There is also a bonus prize of a 4k Olfi action camera up for grabs.

Our mission is to create  tourism awareness in South Africa and heightened attention for the upcoming tourism month of September. Its all about getting more locals and returning South Africans,  travelling this wonderful country of ours. If we can encourage international tourists too even better.

The great South Africa adventure holiday worth R150000 unpacked

Giants Castle Slack Packing Trail

Slackpacking – Explore the Drakensberg foothills without the burden of a backpack walking from lodge to lodge, having your luggage transported for you and looking forward to excellent 3 course meals.

Experience the St Lucia estuary from St Lucia Eco Lodge for 2 nights including breakfast and dinner as well as a game drive and boat safari. This lodge is an ideal point from which to explore South Africa’s first World Heritage Site, the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.

Karkloof Canopy Tour

The Karkloof Canopy Tour consists of 12 platforms and 10 zip-line slides, the longest of which is 200m! Feel like Tarzan as you zip safely from platform to platform with a yodel to wake the squirrels.

Stay another night at Antbear Lodge after you have completed the slack packing trail in a Mountain View site including dinner and breakfast. Take in a cultural storytelling experience in  our star gazing hammock camp

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning is a gentle experience that is suitable for all. Imagine drifting at a leisurely pace across the magnificent Drakensberg 

Via Faretta Drakensberg

For those that enjoy walking or hiking through our beautiful countryside we invite you to enjoy a mountain climbing route that has aids such as ladders, steps and cable.

Ardmore Guest Farm

Stay 3 nights at Ardmore Guest Farm  including dinner and breakfast. You will want the extra time here to experience Scootours downhill scooters and the Via Feratta rock climbing trail. Dont forget one of the mornings will be and early start to float away in a hot air balloon Value 

Sootours downhill scooters

Feel the thrill as you negotiate a downhill mountain experience in the Central Drakensberg. Scooters are non-motorized making this Eco-friendly. 

Tree Tree Hill Lodge

Stay 2 nights at Three Tree Hill Lodge  including dinner and breakfast. The old-world charm of this upmarket lodge with its large verandahs creates an ideal environment in which to wind down and enjoy nature. Included is a game walk and if you can also consider to take part in a guided battlefield tour.

Granny Mouse

2 Nights relaxing in the Kwazulu Natal Midlands at Granny Mouse Country House and Spa. Explore the Midlands Meander and relax with  the very best in opulent accommodation coupled with old-world charm and service, embedded into the ethos and foundations of this historic hotel.

safari at Bonamznzi

Enter the rough terrain of Bonamanzi in Northern KZN. Its home to the big 4 and with its wide expanses of bush, makes game viewing the best in the country. 2 Nights in a treehouse with dinner, bed and breakfast including a game drive


2 nights  at the five star  Fugitives Drift Lodge. Take part in Fugitives’ Drift’s awe-inspiring battlefield tours, which bring the battles of Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana to life, leaving one with a deep and tangible insight into some of the most moving of South Africa’s battlefields.


Stay 2 nights at Leopard Mountain Lodge  including dinner and breakfast. Witness endless sunsets melting their final rays into the horizon, the smell of fresh rainfall over Africa’s plains and a feeling of peace and tranquillity as your African dream unfolds into a truly memorable reality.


2 Nights relaxing in at Makakatana  Game Lodge within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. Experience this magnificent area from the comfort of our spacious rooms, set on raised decks within the wilderness of the game park. iSimangaliso Wetland Park is home to vibrant wildlife in the game reserve, within Lake St. Lucia’s estuary and the glorious coastal beaches on the eastern shores of the park.


Imagine a place where time stands still, where the gentle breeze rustles through the Red Ivory trees, the sun drops slowly beyond the horizon, turning the sky pink and cueing the lion’s call. Now stop imagining and experience all of this for2 nights including dinner and breakfast from the sanctuary of your very own private balcony at Sungulwane Private Game Lodge.

Mlendeni Sitole will tell you his African village stories of the night skies. He has built a star gazing hammock camp for you to relax and observe the heavens and listen to the night sounds. He makes you feel like you have never seen the night sky before when you go stargazing with him in the Drakensberg.

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Number of competition entries so far: 49

Wayne Kent – 04.10.2022
The cave accommodation sounds like a unique stay that must be experienced! I also appreciate sustainable travel providers.

Tracy Kent – 04.10.2022
We love the Berg and your horse trails and hiking are a huge drawcard for us – these are the best way to enjoy the spectacular scenery :)! Also love that sustainability is important and farm to plate cooking aligns with how we try to live. Would love to explore the lodge and surroundings!

Dean Wallenkamp – 17.08.2022
I love that it is accommodation in a cave and I would love this getaway so I can take my wife away for our wedding anniversary, she has had 2 years of so much pain, sorrow and loss and she really needs to just get away and learn to live again.

Sarah Ramnath – 12.08.2022
I’ve heard so many positive things about this place, and I’d like to experience it first hand. I am a freelance writer, and would like to write about my fabulous adventures, and at the same time, it would be further exposure for you establishment. It’s a win-win situation!

Karin Wielser – 11.08.2022
Wow! The write-up for Antbear Eco Lodge is inspirational. Who would not want to stay in a luxury cave or their mountain or garden view suites – the whole lodge sounds awesome. The setting is spectacular and with so many awesome activities!

Brenda Smit – 06.08.2022
I like the atmosphere

Kokosi Nxumalo – 26.07.2022
Undistracted beautiful nature that make one realize how attractive our Land is

Beverley de Beer – 26.07.2022
The luxury cave sounds amazing, just what we need after Covid, looting and floods. To just relax in the jacuzzi or sitting on the deck with views of the mountains and you can have your own private dining. All organic vegetables, your own cows and chicken and you make your own cheese and bread. Lovely hikes, rock art and waterfalls. And I believe delicious food. What more could you ask for.

Michael Weingartz – 26.07.2022
The sustainability and responsible tourism which is a huge part of the ethos of the lodge.

Thendo Ramuthaga – 26.07.2022
All I can tell are the hearsays & I believe this giveaway will prove everything we’ve been hearing & reading; from rock art, private dining setup, the mountain view & your most told stories under the stars.

Philani Sithole – 26.07.2022
Drakensberg mountains are magnificent and beautiful. I believe Antbear Eco Lodge is an easy yet luxurious extension that connects the person with the beauty of Drankensberg. Loving the purest form of feeding many senses of the person that finds these mountains as a reminder of being one with nature

Sifiso Mnisi – 25.07.2022
Organic food, luxury cave experience, activities. Wow this is definitely a must see, looking forward.

Tamar Levin – 25.07.2022
Ooh, it’s definitely sleeping in a luxury cave!

Lara Grobler – 25.07.2022
Antbear Lodge reminded me of my honeymoon with my husband. We both love nature, love the outdoors and my personal fav was the décor in the rooms!

Retief Le Roux – 25.07.2022
Sleeping in a cave would be a first for us.

Stephanie Hill – 25.07.2022
The area looks so beautiful and the lodge looks amazing.

Dawn Wallenkamp – 25.07.2022
I love that the accommodation is actually a cave WOW!!!! I would really love to experience a hot air balloon flight

Yda Steyn – 25.07.2022
This looks like the ultimate getaway for a romantic time with my fiancee. Stunning place and we are getting married early next year. We would love to birdwatch in the highlands. We love nature and have never had the opportunity to explore the berg and would love to explore this amazing relaxing experience. Love the fact that you are eco-friendly and sustainable, pet friendly, and in the majestic Drakensberg! We would also like to see the waterfalls. Antbear Eco Lodge- Natural beauty, spectacular mountainscapes, waterfalls, and romantic sunsets. Luxury cave to create an atmosphere of privacy and seclusion. Panoramic view of the Drakensberg Mountains.The private dining experience on the deck of the cave under the stars.Fireplaces, Jacuzzi spa baths. Giants Castle to see and hear the birds and take photographs of these birds. This is a perfect place for art, beauty, and a quiet, quality romantic time with your loved one.

Grace Mohale – 25.07.2022
I’ve never imagined a luxury accommodation in a cave??? The thought of winning o stay at this accommodation is so surreal. I cant wait to experience the views also, and to share my experience with my family, friends and my social media. This is a gem that everybody should know of and experience.

Margaret PRICE – 25.07.2022
Never experienced staying in a cave – could only imagine it to be delightful. I am a star and moon gazer

lorraine govender – 25.07.2022
looks like the perfect getaway from the bussle of the city and lights so to speak.looks very romantic.i am married for 27 years and never had a would love to win this are mazing

Ranjitha Rallabhandi – 25.07.2022
There are multiple cave accommodations across the globe. But creating a touch of niche / luxury to it is quite rare and a huge feat in itself. The surroundings filled with such amusing views is definitely a great plus. For foodies like me, hving in-house dairy experience becones a cherry on the cake.

Chanel Krauspe – 25.07.2022
It sounds unique, with it being in a cave. Midlands and Drakensberg are thee only places we like to travel to for the peace and quiet and scenery.

Andre Potgieter – 25.07.2022
This looks like the ultimate getaway for a romantic time with my fiancee. Stunning place!

Debbie Marshall – 25.07.2022
I would love to experience Antbear Lodge – have seen some fabulous reviews

Lester Niss – 24.07.2022
I love the ‘Berg area. I would love to birdwatch in the highlands.

Tracey Cogan – 24.07.2022
What a wonderful unique place

Suzanne Stuart – 24.07.2022
If we won this experience, I would love to stargaze lazing in a hammock and hearing all the traditional stories. It sounds awesome!

Phil OConnor – 24.07.2022
Sun, fun, ballooning, scootering, food, drink, beauty, wilderness. Amazing South Africa.

Nkosikhona MPISANE – 24.07.2022
It’s very good looking warm and friendly with exquisite furnishings and delicious meals.

Geraldine Schoeman – 24.07.2022
Living under a rock has never sounded more inviting, exclusive and desirable. Given how crazy the world is, I think being able to become a hermit and live in a (very luxurious) cave with amazing nature and special people around would be incredible.

Jessica Du Randt – 24.07.2022
My husband and I love nature and have never had the opportunity to explore the berg and would love to explore this amazing relaxing experience 🙂

Michelle Wales – 24.07.2022
Love the fact that you are eco friendly and sustainable, pet friendly and in the majestic Drakesberg!

Bianca van Vuuren – 24.07.2022
I’ve always wanted to stay at Antbear. The accomodation and surroundings are beautiful and unique and ideal for relaxing and getting back in touch with nature.

Nelisiwe Mvundla – 24.07.2022
I’d like to see the waterfalls and do some hiking

Dhinesha Arunajallam – 24.07.2022
A hot air balloon flight would be a great experience.

Tamelyne Van Tonder – 24.07.2022
J have never been there but have heard great reviews and it would be great to get back Nature.

Mohamed Akoonjee – 24.07.2022
I would like to experience it

Pieter de Lange – 22.07.2022
My wife and I have been wanting to visit Antbear for YEARS! Pet friendly places are so difficult to find, thus why we created the facebook group: “Pet friendly holiday accommodation South Africa” We plan on visiting as many pet friendly places as possible that we can also post about on our group and share with other travellers. Would be honoured to visit Antbear :)

Chantel de Lange – 22.07.2022
My husband and I have been wanting to visit Antbear for YEARS! Pet friendly places are so difficult to find, thus why we created the facebook group: “Pet friendly holiday accommodation South Africa” We plan on visiting as many pet friendly places as possible that we can also post about on our group and share with other travellers. Would be honoured to visit Antbear :)

Jane Grindley – 22.07.2022
The cave seems a marvellous place to stay with wonderful views. And I have family on a farm not far from Antbear Eco Lodge, so it would be a great excuse to visit KZN and the magnificent Drakensberg!

Lesley Curry – 18.07.2022
I have heard such good reviews about the lodge over the years and being originally from Estcourt I love the area and would love to visit.

Laken Schulz – 18.07.2022
Well in a cave for starters, best way to get in touch with nature!

Eloise Shaw – 17.07.2022
A beautiful location that offers some peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Michael Pienaar – 17.07.2022
Tranquility and relaxation in the mountains of the Berg

Beverley de Beer – 17.07.2022
We have not been there but have heard so many wonderful reviews