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If your business is tourism related, join the recovery! This promotional campaign is all about marketing South Africa and generating interest by locals and international travelers alike.  We have had so much interest in this campaign, that we have expanded it to include all tourism businesses with a South Africa flair!

  • Listing is free of charge and free of any commission
  • The only condition is that your business has a connection to tourism in South Africa.
  • When you list, you add your prize giveaway from your business. Its basically a way to extend our competition campaign to spread the South Africa, taking the travel awareness benefit a little wider.
  • You receive a dedicated page for you to share to your current network and clients and encourage them to share with potential new clients. And of course to generate more interest in your business (and of course the prize!)
  • You will receive the list of your competition entries after the competition closes on 30.10.2022 and you may then select your own winner.
  • Each person, who enters your competition, will also automatically receive an entry into the grand prize giveaway worth over R150,000.
  • This enables you to share the benefits about your own tourism business and your own competition.
  • Basically, its a simple way to get on board, promoting SA and helping our wonderful tourism sector recover
  • Your terms and conditions for your giveaway can set by yourself and your team.
  • Your competition can be personalised to also capture data that you might be able to use for other marketing purposes. Eg reviews of where your competition entries live, what their travel habits are etc.
  • Bag an SA Commuter popularity award for getting the most competition entries and free directory listings in their international Tourism directories for a year worth R12000.